Culture and colour (Alex)

11 10 2008

I started thinking about colour’s after our lectures and how different cultures may perceive different colours around  us. For instance I am Ukrainian, our cultural colours consist of bright blue’s yellows and reds. We where black to funerals and white to weddings. Walls are usually white or off white, and few pictures are hung on the walls (walls should be kept clean).

In Japanese and Chinese cultures, vibrant colours are chosen. This represents the beauty of the land and people. At wakes (before funeral) people wear blue or white. White represents death and mourning and therefore would never be appropriate to wear at a wedding.

See full size image


In North American Culture, it seems that we are more contemporary with colours. People enjoy white and beige because it is a clean colour. Black is also used because it comes off as a strong accent. Black still represents death and mourning, brides predominately wear white to weddings to represent purity. Houses rarely stray away from the natural colours such as off white, grey or brown. Bright colours are used, but it seems they are used more in moderation.

It is very interesting how different cultures perceive different colours.




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