Ed – EQ3 by Monica

10 10 2008

I found our trip to EQ3 really interesting and enlightening, I didn’t realise that an education in Environmental design could lead to so many different possibilities in the design world, outside of the built world.

I found it really interesting to see the design process from start to finish, so much work goes into each product but we never see this side of it just the final polished product. After witnessing the lengthy design process i can now see the many similarities between our own studio work and the working world. It is not only about  the fun exciting aspect of designing new interesting innovative designs there is also a lot of tedious work involved in the process, to make sure that the product is actually viable, and just as in studio in the working world designs have to be altered from the original in order to make it them stronger and  more cost affective even tho they may have been more visually pleasing before the alterations. iI was also interesting to see that many of the products that we use in our own model making are still used later in the working world such as cardboard and wood to make templates for the products.

All in all the trip to EQ3 has made me really excited to see where this programme will take me, it has spurred my creative juices and has really gotten me excited to get creative and to try and get my own designs out there and maybe one day I will see one of them in the shops.




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