EQ3 (Alex)

9 10 2008

As much as I enjoyed our field trip to EQ3, I think that it really opened my eyes to what I do not want to be a part of when it comes to product design.

I really do appreciate what the designers have made and will continue to make and design for the general public, however in my opinion it seemed that their creativity when it came to making products seemed to be limited. A chair for example was given as an example of how it went from being a sketch to the actual product and the process that it took to get there. The people working their commented on how they used European designs for inspiration at times and added their own style to it. However, throughout the process of actually putting the furniture on the market, it seemed as though the individualistic style was lost more and more along the way. I understand that designing for a store that sells so much to the general public, the products have to be somewhat contemporary, but I feel as though the products that were originally created by the design team was turned into an almost completely different product by the end of it’s run.

Although I do think that the furniture created by EQ3 is really nice, from a designers perspective I think I would rather work somewhere where the product I wanted to display were actually created in this way. While also keeping anthropometricin mind, I would really like to experience different design solutions to furniture and areas around us.

I really like some of the designs from the Quasi Modo furniture store. Here is the site if you wanted to check it out. http://www.quasimodomodern.com/




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