Week Three Blog: Colours- Lauren Pritchard

8 10 2008

For the first portion of week three’s lecture we were given a lecture on colour. We investigated the origins of colour, as well as several colours journey through history. Wefundamentals of then looked at the fundamentals of colour. Colour is a creative way in which we can express our feelings, and emotions. This is extremely important to be aware of as a designer. With colour one also has the power to evoke emotion in the audience. Colour can mean different things to different people. However many times, specific colours evoke specific feelings. As a designer this is very important to be aware of. We can use this knowledge to evoke a feeling, mood, or even deliver a message. For example blue is known to have a calming and cool effect on people, whereas the colour red often evokes the oppisite emotion it is a warm colour, and evokes passion or intensity in a person. Knowing this can be extremely beneficial to the success of your design.

Later in the lecture, colours relationship with architecture was briefly touched on. Examples were given of common colour themes in architecture across the globe. This discussion caught my interest. I did some more research on colours and the impact on architecture. I quickly realised just how connected these two are. Colour emphasizes and enhances architecture, it can also give it a uniqueness that sets a built environment separate from those around it. In the same, colour can also act as aesthetic way to create unity throughout the built environment.

In my research I found a great article on colour and light in architecture http://www.fadu.uba.ar/sitios/sicyt/color/aic2004/190-193.pdf.




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