EQ3 and Opportunities- Steph

8 10 2008

Touring the EQ3 factory and talking with some of the designers was a great opportunity and made me realize the vast opportunities there are for me after finishing my degree. Many of us are in this program to become architects. I, as well as many others I’m sure, came to the U of M because it is one of the only universities with an undergraduate design degree. But I don’t think I have many anyone in this program who knew that they wanted to be an industrial designer. We have all seemed to fit ourselves into one of the three options that this program provides. After the tour I began to think about some of my options and realized that the faculty of Environmental Design doesn’t just focus on the three choices that are provided. But within these branches, we learn about the many other design aspects and opportunities. Although I am still very confident that I want to be an architect, I am looking forward to exploring the field of product design.EQ3, as well as all other furniture designers and companies, directly relates to the studio projects that we have done so far. We have been dealing with anthropometrics and ergonomics, the space occupied by the person and currently we are working on clothing and the space right against our bodies. Seeing how professionals are dealing with the problems and their approaches to their designs was really interesting as, although they have much more experience, they are tackling their problems the same way that we are tackling ours.

EQ3’s design studio seemed like a fun environment to work in. I enjoyed seeing their studio spaces and the new lines that will be coming out next year. I looked at their website and their catalogue and I really like the products that they produce. It may not be as inexpensive as IKEA but it’s also not as expensive as the high end boutiques. Their products seem to have a happy medium of good quality and style at a reasonable price.   – Steph M.




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