EQ3 Opens My Eyes

3 10 2008

Before today, I didn’t even realize all the possibilities of having an environmental design degree. I just figured, go through the years, become a designer of buildings and call it a day. But now I realize, there are many more opportunities, such as an EQ3 designer. I don’t think designing furniture is really my thing, but it is nice to know that there are more opportunities out there.  Now I think, what if I wanted to design clothing? Or cars? Or appliances? These are all things that I could all feasibly do. Going to EQ3 was a really rewarding and positive experience. It would be neat to be able to see more places like that. Of course, seeing places like the Smith Carter building would be amazing as well, because I still want to be an architect, but opening our eyes to other opportunities is really awesome.


It was neat to learn about their design process as well, and how all the cardboard cutting is actually prevalent to real design. Right now it is hard to see the big picture of all our studio projects and all the projects in this class and other classes but it will obviously be of very important use to all of us in the future. Everyone’s vision seems a little hind sighted right now and we aren’t seeing the big picture. I am looking forward to being a few years ahead of right now and looking back and realized we learning all of this for a reason.


Everything we study in class, especially the information about comfort with temperatures and heat transfer because when we design buildings we will have to take all these things into account. Especially when designing sustainable buildings, you have to ensure that all the power you are pumping into a building is being wasted or lost because you designed the system wrong. I look forward to learning more about this.


I am finding that this class and Ecology and Design are sort of overlapping but yet enforcing the importance of everything we do. I think all of us need to realize that the things we do have serious consequences. It takes a lot more energy than we think it does to do the everyday things we treasure so much.


– Kayla Schlosser




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