Colour My World

3 10 2008

It is amazing how much colour can affect our mood, our feelings, our thoughts, pretty much our entire outlook on life. If you were to enter a store, and the walls, furniture, clothes, everything was black that would normally either scare you or affect your mood in a negative way. In terms of the assignment, as I sit, relax and concentrate on the colours listed I feel:


a.     Dark Blue – Calm, serene, maybe even a little uplifted, definitely a positive feeling, it makes me think of a song, called Dark Blue.

b.     Purple – Makes me think of flowers, a feeling of loving and caring, also positive.

c.      White – Loss of all colour, a complete void, almost waiting for the opportunity to be given colour, makes me think of a white room with white furniture and being afraid to get it dirty.

d.     Gold – Reminds me of the King Midas story where everything he touches turns to gold, a feeling of power and empowerment. Positive feeling as well, but if used too much gives me a negative feeling.

e.     Green – Eco Friendly colour, reminds me of grass and nature and being immersed in a forest. I am in a good mood when I think of green, like it is my power colour.

f.      Blue – Again, portrays feeling of nature like the sky and water. A calm feeling is portrayed but after a while I get a negative feeling because I don’t really like the colour blue. It seems like an overused colour.

g.     Red – A power colour, courage and life. Mostly a positive association but then makes me think of movies and how red is used in horror movies and then I get a negative feeling.


Of course this is just how I see colour and it is funny to think that each person sees a colour differently in their own mind. I often laugh at colour because there is really no such thing as colour, just different wavelengths of light we see through our eyes. Why are colour-blind people considered colour blind? Maybe they are seeing colour how we are all meant to see colour, but since we are in the majority, what we see is considered correct? It is similar to right-handed people, just because we are in the majority, left-handed people seem rare and minimally awkward because it is not the “norm”? I guess I could spend all day interpreting colour and trying to figure out what we are really meant to see and what people originally intended when they used red rather than blue and so forth but that would take forever.


 – Kayla Schlosser




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