The Impact of colour Part II by Monica

2 10 2008

In the last lecture we learned about the history of colour and the fundamentals of colour.  This lecture got me thinking about the use of colour in our daily lives.  We are constantly surrounded by colour and this colour has an emotional affect on us, when we see different colours we react differently to them for example blue has a calming affect while red generally has the opposite affect. Taking the fact that colour influences how we feel, this makes it a major factor in the design process.

When desinging interior spaces colour is a major factor because it can control the mood of the space and also change how the room appears i.e. bigger or smaller. Light colours make rooms look bigger and more airy while darker colours give rooms a more intimate feeling. Colours such as red raise a rooms energy level, this colour works well in dining and livnig rooms because it draws people together and stimulates conversation; however red is not recommened for the bedroom because it is considered too stimulating. The colour yellow captures the joy of the sun and comminicates happiness, it is perfect for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms where happy colour is uplifting and energizing; however it is not recommened for the main colour scheme of a room because people tend to lose their tempers quicker in a room painted yellow. Blue brings down blood pressure and slows the heart rate it is considered a calming and relaxing colour and is recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms.

As you can see from these examples colour plays a major role in the mood of a room, however it is also a personal choice and depends on how you personally feel about a colour.  Colour affects people in different ways depending on age, gender, ethnic background or local climate.

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