personal Space (Alex)

25 09 2008

I think designing for personal space is really important. Everyone seems to have their own comfort zone, while some people are more comfortable being around alot of people, some people prefer to have their own level of personal space. I for instance like to have my own space, and feel uncomfortable and crowded when too many people start to gather closely around me.

So how do you design for this? I think that designing for different people’s comfort levels can be difficult. For instance I recently heard (in ecology and design) that some married couples save up to for long periods of time to buy a large home that has alot of space for anything they want. However after a short period living in the actual house, some couples start to realize that their “dream” house is actually to large for what they want. There is no longer the close comfort level that they so crave, and therefore opt to purchase a smaller home that seems to fit their needs better. However, other couples that need alot of personal space for themselves may find the need to get out of their small, close net homes as soon as possible. 

Aside from buying different size homes, people can also redesign their lives to help fit their own comfort levels. Having less clutter may help people to feel so cramp, or even creating an area outside, like in their backyard for people to enjoy while having lots of room for themselves. Maybe needed more personal space also means creating a room in a house that is your own, and that is where you go to be alone, and not around other people.

Personal space is important to everyone, however different people need different levels of space. I think that designing for this is extremely important and at the same time very challenging. I guess it really put into perspective about designing for a specific client!!




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