Nature and Man Alex’s 2nd blog

25 09 2008

Mother nature, no matter where someone chooses to live, will experience change within it. There is a constant shift with nature that is never ending. We cannot escape it. The seasons change quarterly, from drastic cold winters, to uncomfortably hot summers, with cool springs and falls that bring about all the different colors and patterns from vegetation and species around us. No matter what we want or what we do, nothing will stop the earth from changing. Birds will fly south in the fall and come back in the spring. We will be able to see the sunset at 9:00 in July and only 5:00 in January. It is actually a very graceful and refreshing process, that mankind has learned to live and adapt with because I think overall if we could control it (like we enjoy to control most aspects) we would.

The comparison here, which is actually more of a observation is “How do people and humanity compare to nature when it comes to the aspact of change?” Do we change and enjoy change as nature continuously does? I think that this problem can be answered in a number of ways. If we look at smaller scale aspects of the world we are constantly changing. We have new fashion styles coming out every season, they are new car models every year. Houses have advanced over decades. We change, in that sense we change. But how about the bigger things? How about things that are so drastic they alter out lives all-together?(like nature) Do we really change? Take a chair for example, from 1950 to 21st century the chair design has changed but the basic design and structure has remained predominantly the same. Back support, arm rest’s, short ect. Yes they have changed the appearance but some over 60 years but that much.  

Image PreviewAlvar Aalto Cantilever chair 1930 

Image Preview1950’s library chair

Image Preview1970 isokuva chair

Image PreviewThe Morris Chair, 2000

The seasons change dramatically in most parts of Canada so much so that people have to alter their entire lifestyle to work around it and we add different patterns or and extra foot of height to the bottom of a chair in 60 years. Is this really comparable. Our designs are good no doubt and maybe they don’t change as much because they work well, but in a sense we are nothing like nature, we find something we like and only change it slightly to humor getting bored to fast. If we changed like nature, our lives right now would have changed drastically over and over again, and although we do allow some change, we seem to almost be scared of letting such a drastic life changing event occur like nature brings upon us every 4 month’s.




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