Metabolism (Alex)

20 09 2008

Sleep Energy

While doing my metabolism journal I learnt about how much energy we consume and how much energy we use during our daily lives. One of the interesting facts that I learnt was that the average person uses 1 calorie of energy per 1 minuet of sleep. This means that in a typical night of sleep (average of 8 hours) the average person uses about 480 calories of energy up. This is a lot of energy that is used on a very simple exercise such as resting.

What if that energy almost 500 calories of energy which is 2009664 joules, could be alternately used for other uses.  We recently learnt about the walking dance floor that used the energy from people when they walked from place to place. If that energy can be trapped, and used for example lighting, what could be used with the energy from sleeping?  Because we don’t use a lot of objects while sleeping, powering up many objects would not be beneficial at all. What about our alarm clocks? What is our energy while sleeping could be used to power up a low power alarm clock? The clock could use partial batteries burning the day and then reuse energy from the human body at night to keep running. This energy would keep the alarm clock running till we got up, when the clock would turn to the batteries till until the person is once again ready to sleep. This would not only save on power, but use energy that would otherwise be wasted away. Maybe finding ways to recycle human energy could help our earth and conserve money for ourselves.




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