Monica’ s first blog.. class thoughts…

19 09 2008

After class on Thursday i left the class feeling strangely optimistic after a 3 hour class, the class had opened my eyes to the idea that the smallest activities could create energy that can be harvested for everyday use, such as the simple act of opening and closing a door or dancing at a night club can generate energy for general consumption as well as solar, tidal, geothermal and wind energy. With the price of oil steadily rising with no sign of it slowing down  and the fact that our resources are running out the idea of an alternative energy source is welcomed with open arms.  It is only a matter of changing our way of thinking and embracing all the new radical ways of thinking. for more info on some of these alternative energy sources.

Another topic that interested me in this class was the over consumption that we do on a daily basis, we over consume food, energy and have a general longing to accumulate more and more material possessions many of which are completely unnecessary, for instance how many pairs of shoes does one girl need yet this thought never crosses our minds as we buy yet another pair. Our minds are set in ‘over consumption mode’  which seems to be the general thought of the  present day ‘first world’.

After talking to my parents i realised that this has only become a problem in recent years and will probably only escalate as the years pass unless we make a conscious decision to stop this way of living.

Over consumption is not only using up our limit resources at an excessive amount it is also a problem because so many people go without each day and struggle to provide the basics for their families. There is a major unbalance between social classes, with the scale ranging from over consuming gluttons to people living each day at a time not knowing if they will have enough food to keep themselves alive.

It is up to every individual to reduce their own personal consumption levels for the sake of the world and instead of spending a fortune on another pair of back breaking stilettos donate the money to help a family get on their feet and allow them the same benefits that we have been so lucky to have..

more on this in later blogs…..




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