Lauren’s Blog: 9/16

17 09 2008

As this is my first blog I decided to begin by discussing a popular concept in the design world right now. The concept of sustainability.

We hear the topic of sustainability being thrown around all over the place. From our university professors to our political leaders even from our celebrities. The issue of sustainability is creating a stir throughout the population.  It seems as tho the issue of sustaining is on everyones mind. But with all this talk of sustaining, the issue of what it is we are trying so hard to sustain is more often then not, unaddressed. Our heads are being filled with coversation of this idea of sustaing without really knowing what it means to sustain. It may sound strange but I believe many people get so caught up in this concept of “sustaining” that they often forget to ask themselves the simple question of what exactly it means to sustain? And more importantly what it is we as a population are supposed to be sustaining? 

So to answer this question:

Sustainability as defined by the U.S. Environmenatl Agency is the practice of  “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This concept of sustainability is very important to consider when we are thinking about the issues of design. Making sure that as designers we are always considering the environment as well as peoples quality of life for our generation and the next.

This idea of sustainability is by no means a new way of thinking it has been around for many years. However as the humans are beginning to realise the tremendous effects human activity is beginning to have on the environment. We are beginning to take more active role in attempts to sustain the earths resources. So that the our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same quality of life in which we live.

I hope to throughout this course and my other classes this term get a better understanding of what it we as  a population can do to incorporate this idea of sustainability into our lives.




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