Steph’s first post

15 09 2008

After our first class on Thursday I was pretty confused as to what “Natural and Human Systems” were all about. My mind was packed with all of this new information about sustainability and giving back to the environment.

Although it was a lot of information, one of the things I was able to really appreciate was the way that some people are finding ways to use wasted energy.  I was absolutely fascinated with the short video clip we saw on the Dutch architects and the energy efficient dance floor.  According to an article at Spiegel Online (,1518,570869,00.html), I found that an average nightclub consumes up to 150 times the amount of power of a normal household. With the use of springs and magnets, Club Watt is able to capture the energy from the dancers and use it to power the lights and music. By doing this, the club is able to use 30% less power.  With the use of the springs, the dance floor has the give of one centimetre, generating five to ten watts of electricity per dancer. It doesn’t matter the size of the crowd, the nightclub will play their music and lights regardless. So if each nightclub uses this atrocious amount of energy each night they are open, the power being used is appalling. Since the music is being played for the dancers benefit, then I think it is a great idea for them to contribute to its power. They don’t need to go out of their way to contribute so this is an ideal way to regenerate energy. Although this idea has just recently started in the Netherlands, I think that North America will soon follow.

Another idea that I was really interested in was the idea of succession. The idea of this is that nature needs to be brought back into society.  In society today, everyone worries too much about perfection. Our cities are made up of so much concrete with perfectly manicured lawns and few parks. Although this is a great attempt at bringing greenery and certain aspects of nature into our lives, it’s not quite natural.  I think that if nature was introduced more into cities, people would be more positive and relaxed. In my opinion people are happier when they are around nature. 




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