Kayla’s First Post

14 09 2008

Reflecting on what we learn in class is the best way to enforce and remember what we actually talked about. There are a few key things from class that I remember struck my interest:

a.     Marshall McLuhan

b.     Net-Zero Homes

c.      The fact that nature has to come back somehow whether by taking over what we have created or for us to pave the path for nature to come back into our lives or succession.

I remember discussing McLuhan in environmental design classes last year and I couldn’t remember exactly what role he played in our history, so I looked it up.


McLuhan was a forward thinker and talked about “electronic interdependence” and how because of such a growing need for electronics and technology, especially through the media, that we will no longer think of individualism but more so of globalism, and how “the world has become a computer.” This is a very heated yet interesting topic in our day and age due to the huge success of technology. Cell phones, computers, the Internet, etc. are now playing a huge role in our day-to-day lifestyle. Just now as I type my computer fixes all my errors, formats my work and posts it for others to see and I don’t even have to get up. Truthfully I couldn’t imagine a world where I would even need a book. Everything is online. But the truth is, everyday I am a bit disturbed by the way we live. Something I look forward to getting more in depth about later on, the growing debate about technology and whether it is helping or hurting us?

This also leads me to my next topic, net-zero homes and technology is helping us in this sense to lower our ecological footprint in such a large sense. As I researched this, on our side of the world it seems like a relatively new idea as a leading firm in Alberta just opened it’s first net-zero home for the province and there are hopes of 12 net-zero homes by the end of 2008. UK on the other hand has announced that all new homes that are built will be net-zero homes by 2016, and they announced this is 2006, two years ago.  But I have high hope that it won’t be long and this will be a much larger trend.


Lastly, with the obvious need for nature, succession and nature coming back we need to realize that it’s okay. The comedic statement of Jae about the fact that it is JUST a weed made me think. What is the big deal about a weed? By changing our thought process and looking at things in a different way we can live a more positive life. This class is really intriguing and I am looking forward to expanding on these topics and others as well. 




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